Los Altos High School Robotics is located in Los Altos, California. Our team has been competing in the FIRST Robotics competition since 1997 and is composed of a coed group of students representing grades 9 – 12. Team 114 aims to promote and sustain an understanding of science, engineering, and technology while also applying them in real life situations.

2016 Season Leadership

In order for our current and future sponsors to be able to learn more about us and who were are, here is the group for the 2016 season:

Captains: Ashwin Krishna, Colin Scholler, Ankith Uppunda

These individuals are in charge of overall robot creation. Not only are they the subject matter experts, they will lead and teach everyone new skills. This team is created of two mechanical directors who are the technical leads for the design, assembly, and fabrication of the robot, and one programming director who oversees the developement of robot code.

Co-Presidents: Ginger Schmidt, Joey Hejna

These individuals will act as team project managers to ensure the build season runs smoothly. They will work in close contact with team captains to help the team accomplish its goals in timely matter, as well as all students in areas of cooperation and learning.

Build Season is complete!

Build season was completed at precisely 12:00 AM of February 17. We marked the celebration with the following photo, and bagging the robot. The celebration is a kind of “christening” for the competition to come.


Bagging the robot Feb 17 2015

Build Season Day 15

Machining work has moved into full swing after the completion of the finalized CAD for our robot. Over the last couple of days, teams have worked on recreating field elements for Recycle Rush as the programmers have continued testing on prototypes.