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I've heard about children having to live out their parents' dreams...

But this boy's bones are still soft and the load he's taking in training and in competitions is doing more damage to him than making him look strange.

Still, dad's happy... and that's all that counts it seems


The Los Altos Sickerthansnicker... what did I say? - "I'm not going to be condescending and act like I know the exact routine he goes through".
You chose to disregard what I said and try and patronize me. Well, it didn't work. I studied anatomy and physiology in my first year of university so I have an understanding of how muscles work.
My mum always told me not to argue with fools because they never understand the concept of taking others perspective into consideration.

You just proved that she was right. High School Robotics Team is part of the robotics program FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Youuuuu neeeeeeeeeeeeeededdddd meeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii . FIRST testosterone is responsible for repairing muscle tissue and that the childs age, he has very little. its pointless in starting weight training before you start puberty. this is when the body creates alot more testosterone. strives to promote engineering [Alternative version:];And makes me blue , hahaha thats pretty funny deex.

Mantal picture

I think he would enjoy that

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