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Mike : November 04, 2016, 15:50

Halsey is a goddess 😍

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Using that method to permanently remove hair, one follicle at a time, would probably take years just to do one arm! Not to mention that it would be damn expensive.


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Motti : November 04, 2016, 15:50

speed 1.25 <3

Vavilin : November 04, 2016, 15:50

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Tomi : November 04, 2016, 15:50

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Roberto : November 04, 2016, 15:50

yeah, you'd need to plug it into two separate circuits - not two different plugs, two plugs on separate circuit breakers and everything. there's a 2k watt power supply out currently that's got the same problem.

Martins : November 04, 2016, 15:50

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