Documents & Tutorials

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Documents in bold are documents that we have written and compiled ourselves.


Design for Competition (PDF)


An Introduction to Drivetrains (PDF) – A small overview of different types of drivetrains that we compiled.


Our machining room acts as a great use to our group throughout the year, which has a mill, drill press, lathe, and bandsaw for our main tools tools.

Crash Course in Milling – A series of YouTube videos detailing how to use a mill.
Stagecraft Tutorials: The Drill Press – A YouTube video on how to use a drill press.
Introduction to Using a Metal Lathe – A YouTube video on how to use a metal lathe.
Bandsaw Tutorial – YouTube tutorial for using a bandsaw.

Web Design:

Throughout the course of the year, we use many different web design tools. Here are a few resources for some of them.


Making a WordPress Theme (PDF) – Guide by David on how to create a simple, bare-bones, WordPress theme


Getting Started with HTML – Part 1 – The first part of a humorous HTML crash-course by David.
Getting Started with HTML – Part 2 – The second part of a humorous HTML crash-course by David.

W3Schools HTML
– One of the best HTML resources out there. Many people have learned HTML this way.


CSS Crash Course – A small CSS course written by David that is to be used after completing the Getting Started with HTML course.

W3Schools CSS – From the makers of W3Schools HTML. Similar course, different code.


PHP 101 – A very good PHP tutorial from the Zend Developer Zone



Codecadamy – Covers Javascript, Python, Ruby, and more. Great way to get started with programming.


LearnCpp – A very detailed C++ tutorial. It covers many different aspects of C++
TheNewBoston – Contains a very many detailed videos on C++ and many other various programming languages. Suitable for beginners and advanced programmers alike. – A complete source for learning how to program in C++. Includes a forum for asking questions and a C++ library.